Friday, July 5, 2013

ROCK INTO ME. Are you on Team BLUE DAMN or Team I ADORE?

Ummm some days, usual all days, I feel like a complete nut job.
So when the cover for ROCK Into Me went live, I was loving the blueeeeeee.
But then I kept glancing over to Rule Breaker poster.
Well, today we're doing a giveaway (yeah another) over at Erotic Bookclub on Facebook. I'm busy crafting teaser graphics and this image keeps haunting me. The colors and the tenderness...jeez, I don't know but I did it.
I changed the blooming cover.
I know its wacko. Luckily, this is an ebook at this stage.
So guess what?
Soon, on all the retailers you'll see this lovely cover (truly I adore it) and on the first page of the ebook you'll still get the blue version with the
BANNER across the cover. A rarity as that version was never officially released.
I HOPE THIS DOESN'T UPSET ANYONE, but if it does, then let me know!
Are you are on
Team Blue Bring Back the Damn Cover 
She wove her fingers through his thick hair and gave in to the frustration she’d experienced all night because of his acting like a prick. He didn’t pull away from her grasp but moved harder into her, grinding himself and rubbing his stiff cock over her mound, unabashedly teasing her and making her ride his leg.

His fingertips grazed her thigh, and proceeded to tug at her dress, roughly raising the material. The cool night air tickled the skin underneath her dress. Anybody might happen by on the sidewalk and they’d be visible.

She moaned, holding onto his strong arms, tilting her head to the side. The glowing lights of his car were close, as well. His driver could be watching them. His fingers were at the elastic of her panties, and still she’d not said boo. The rippling sensation of pleasure his fingers sparked made it impossible to think. A few more inches and she’d be at his mercy, completely visible to the rest of the world, God included.

She did the unthinkable and pushed her hips against him, wanting to grind herself against his hardness.

“This is what you need. Isn’t it? That sassy mouth of yours, and your hot, tight body. When was the last time you were properly fucked? And I don’t mean at the end of a date with the boy down the street from your parents’ house.”

“That’s big talk for a man who has me up against a wall.”

“That’s exactly what I’m talking about, Ms. St. James. That snappy little mouth of yours. I bet those lips get you into all sorts of trouble. Every day of your troublesome life. This is what we can do to resolve that issue of yours.” His mouth crashed down upon hers. His lips were firm and demanding, out to show her that he commanded the world she occupied.
The feel of his tongue separating her lips had her melting. Lansing thrust his tongue into her mouth over and over. Never would she have imagined how much she could adore the feel of one man’s domination over her body.
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