Saturday, July 6, 2013

#SatSpanks Rocks! Let's try a RULE BREAKER

On July 3
the series RULE BREAKER
broke cover
with the release of ROCK in Me.

from the next installment of Rule Breaker.
“One,” she whispered, unsure of what to expect as she focused on his hand meeting her backside. Alana bolted upright, all thought evaporated with the blaze from his large palm coming into screaming contact with her ass. 
“Steady,” he said pushing her back onto his lap, and then he lifted his hand. “Again, love. Count, and louder this time or we start from scratch.”
 “Two,” she snarled, digging her nails into his hard thighs, and fighting the urge to bite him.
He spanked another section of her ass, spreading the fire from one side of her rear-end to the other. The flaring pain had her wriggling on top of his legs. At first she did so to ease the fiery assault, and then she latched onto a dark desire to spread her thighs with the aching need for him to tantalize her swollen flesh.
“Please, Jonathan,” she whispered, curling her fingers around his erection as she opened her knees.
“Not until we’re through.” His voice sounded strained but that didn’t stop him from raising his hand nor the stinging smack he delivered and unleashed a flurry of flashing dots in front of her eyes. 
“Three…three,” she panted.

“Let’s pick up the pace now that you’ve got this part. And afterwards, I’m going to fuck you the way I’ve wanted to ever since you and that smart-mouth of yours sounded off last night.”

Alana and Lansing are back at it after ROCK Into Me. This is the opening scene from Crash and Burn, picking up the story and delivering even more in your face moments where these two don't know if they should throttle one another or push it into sexual overdrive.
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  1. This girl has had three spanks and she's falling to pieces? I'm thinking Jonathan needs to be laying into this smart-mouthed brat a lot more often to get that butt conditioned for some real heat. ;)

  2. She does seem to have a strong reaction to only three spanks. Would be interested to know what occurred prior to this scene. Glad to see a new participant in Saturday Spankings.

  3. Enjoyed this and like the other's I am now wanting to know more, which by the way makes for a great teaser here...*smile* ...And like Cara, nice to see another new participant...

  4. Ooh, Susan. I really like your snippet. And I'd be reacting that way to three hard spanks as well, so us "tender butts" need to stick together. Great tease, and I look forward to reading more.

  5. Mmm, very hot snippet. thank you for joining us!

  6. Very hot snippet! I know I'm a 'tender butt' so I'd be yelling when the first smack landed;)

  7. Love the cover! Very hot teaser! :)