Saturday, September 7, 2013

INCITE your imagintion with smack to your senses...#satspanks

CRASH & BURN just released last week!!
She rocks his world...he'll need distance from her to think straight.
      Waking up after an off-the-charts night with Alana, Jonathan has 23 minutes to memorize every inch of her body, erotic sensuality, and ability to torment him before he must let her go when their business contract begins and his record company is in charge of her band and her future.

He sets her body on fire...shattering the walls she's erected.
      Alana is fiercely loyal to Orion. But when fame comes knocking on her door alone, her band refuses to stand in her way. As the pressure builds to keep the band together, the only way out may mean cutting free from a man who complicates her life with his ability to melt her body, heart and soul.

Jon and Alana are blinded by their hotter-than-hell passions until they're spiraling out-of-control and there's nothing left to do but CRASH & BURN.

Scorching from the start. Together, Jon & Alana's attraction is the makings of a chemical combustion
that gets hotter each time they're together.

Sex, Love, & Lies in Music City


“Fuck, Alana. You’re so hard-headed.” He pumped his hips, rocking up and down, slamming his cock into her again and again. “Tell me. Do you like when I fuck you like this?”

Wrapping her legs around his waist, she wanted to shout, Of course I do. Who wouldn’t want an animal between her legs, fucking like nobody’s business?

“Why? You don’t get enough compliments on your work?” She stared back at him, aching with something foreign that promised to slice to ribbons her ability to remain encased and safe in her insulated, circumscribed world.

He stopped moving his torso, changing tactics as he twisted his hands in her hair. “Don’t backslide! I’ll haul your arse across my lap and take care of this issue of your snappy remarks. Or is that what you’re after? Fuck me,” he bellowed, and pulled out of her. In the next instant she was picked up and, true to his word, she lay stretched across his lap, facing the floor. “You count, and if you don’t we begin all over again. On one.”

She tried to scramble off his lap, and that’s when it happened. Smack!

Hard. Loud. And painful. “Jesus Christ,” she breathed out without thinking.

“Not even close. Do we need to go over introductions again as well?”
HOPE YOU ENJOYED! This is the sequel to the Amazon best seller ROCK into ME.

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  1. Very intense and HOT. Loved the snippet Susan. "I’ll haul your arse across my lap and take care of this issue of your snappy remarks. Or is that what you’re after?" I believe she was pushing him to just that very thing, naughty girl.

  2. I can't believe he stopped to spank her. Lol

    1. Alana has pushed him from the start and they've history too hot to put aside.

  3. Wow, now that's an approach to a spanking I've not seen before. He has got to be one very determined Dom to stop in the middle of sex, pull out, and spank her.
    Lord what that does to me to picture such things.
    HOT! Definitely HOT!

    1. Thank you! Dude has put up with Alana's tendency to push-and-pull during an all-nighter. Now he's setting a new "beat." Rock/BDSM humor intended.

  4. I agree with Normandie. He stopped to spank her? He'd rather spank than f*** her? Really? Although, I think it is what she wanted and needed, I'm surprised he could or would do that. Given a choice, I'd think most guys would come first, spank later. Great snippet, though.

    1. They've engaged in several rounds of sexing all over Nashville the previous night (ROCK into ME). This is a game changing event, showcasing Jon's commitment to securing Alana on several levels. LOL.

  5. Intense and hot. Enjoyed your snippet very much. Have to say, red-on-black is hard to read though. H

  6. oh YEAH-- that scene rocked!~!! mmm mm

  7. That was soo hot! You have to love a take charge man like that! Great snippet Susan :)