Sunday, November 15, 2015


Ranked #1 in Hispanic Fiction

Rock Into Me (Rule Breaker Book 1)
Kindle Unlimited Edition  ASIN: B00DRGR4I0
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Erotic Rock Star Romance
Within Nashville's music scene, the week-long battle of the bands is fierce and cut-throat as well as a time to party hard. Orion, a five-member band gaining momentum, catches the eye of Jonathan Lansing, producer and CEO of Lansing Records on Music Row.

He creates stars out of those he represents...
As a hard-ass record producer for some of the hottest bands, Lansing is accustomed to pushing boundaries unmercifully. Now, it'll take a wild night and a bombshell of a woman to bring him to his knees...

She's the one to call his bluff...
No surprise when Alana St. James, provocative lead singer of Orion, walks out on stage, everyone's attention is riveted. In turn, she notices the man seated directly in front of her with his brooding intensity, not to mention his gorgeous arrogance saturating the space around him.

After Orion's performance, Alana and Lansing come at one another with a wrecking-ball force, detonating into a fiery connection. These two don't know if they should smack one another or tear each other's clothes off. Tempted beyond endurance, Lansing breaks his rule for no client hook-ups. For one night, they discover an irresistible attraction that rocks their worlds.  
Crash & Burn (Rule Breaker Book 2)
Kindle Unlimited  Edition
She rocks his world…he’ll need distance from her.
Alana is hands-off. She's his newest client. A no go in Jonathan's universe within the Nashville rock scene on Music Row. He has 23 minutes to memorize every inch of her body before he must let her go when their business contract begins and his record company is in charge of her band and her future.

He sets her body on fire…she needs his guidance in and out of bed.
Alana is loyal to her band Orion, and that includes turning down a lucrative solo record deal. And cutting free from a man who complicates her life with his ability to melt her body, heart, and soul.

They’re in too deep when the flames of desire combust into a firestorm, and neither is willing to walk away from a love affair hotter than hell.
The Rule Breaker series is so much fun to write. I live right outside Nashville, and the whole city is crazy-awesome in so far as music. Holy smokes it's as varied as one could imagine.  Live wire college city, music maker mayhem, and the perfect backdrop for hot-hawt romance.

The beginning was been rewritten, giving a different slant to the feel of the over-the-top romance. This was at first a true hate-love attraction (ROCK Into Me) where the characters' misunderstandings fed the flames of their lust. In book 2, the question is asked, what happens when a one-night stand becomes more but can't when business is involved? Or is that just an illusion? Can love work?

Super Rule Breaker Fans,
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